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Skye Shed, Isle of Skye

Not really a shed, but inspired by the simplicity of Highland outbuildings. This one lets the dramatic surroundings do all the talking


Describing this beautiful contemporary house as a shed may be a touch self-deprecating, but there is a grain of truth in it. Architect Mary Arnold-Forster of Dualchas Building Design (who also owns the house) took inspiration from Skye’s traditional barns and sheds – simple, sturdy places that are about withstanding the elements, not luxury living.

There is luxury here though, not least in the views. Skye has some of the most thrillingly dramatic landscapes in the British Isles, and every effort is made to frame them, from the first-floor picture window that looks across to the Cuillin mountain range, to the downstairs living space that faces across the sea loch to the islands of Rhum and Canna.

There’s something Scandinavian about the interiors, which seems fitting in such an obviously northern European setting. Timber furniture, oak joinery, white floor-to-ceiling bookcases and slate-grey tiles all have a certain humility and quietness to them; the sage-green and dusky-pink sofas, the colour of Scottish heather, are a nice touch.

And when the howling Highland storms come, you can slide the external shutters in to place, settle down with a book and let nature do its worst. Nothing can touch you.

Nearby: Outdoorsy things – walking, climbing, kayaking, swimming, boat trips. Michelin-starred food at Kinloch Lodge, 20 minutes away

Essential details:

  • Tokavaig, Skye
  • Sleeps 12
  • Available directly through Skye Shed website
  • e-mail owner for price details

More photos:

Photos via Skye Shed

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  1. Name *
    March 7, 2014

    Staying in this house has changed my life, convincing me that we all have an obligation to live in small low energy , properties without pretension, and that it allows us to do better things with our time than fight cold and inconvenience.
    It’s not cheap but it’s a bargain of an education and a delight, very cheap for the profound pleasure and thought it provokes.

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