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This blog is dedicated to seeking out holiday homes in the UK that are all about great design. I set it up because I saw that more and more holiday homes were moving away from what you’d typically expect (saggy sofas, avocado bathroom suites, or just a uniform beige pallor in an effort not to displease the masses) and putting cutting-edge architecture or contemporary interiors at their heart. Some of them were a bit obscure, though, just available through the owners, and there was definitely no single place where they could all be browsed together.

I believe that a well-designed home makes for a happier, healthier inhabitant, but access to truly exceptional design is the preserve of the lucky few. A few days away renting someone else’s amazing home is within my reach, though, and the closest most of us will get to live this way. My only real credential for featuring a place is: would I visit for its design credentials alone, regardless of where it is, what the view is, or whether it’s near a good pub (although these things are important, don’t get me wrong)?

I’m a writer and editor specialising in architecture, interiors and travel, as well as an Anglophile (or Britophile, more accurately), so Emily Escaped makes for a neat dovetailing of my various interests. You can read more about my work at www.is.gd/emilybrooks or take a look at my design blog, housetrained.

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  • Check out The Sett, a glorious contemporary house on the Isle of Wight - only for rent every August, so be quick! http://t.co/FlSgwekQcr

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